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Address: Trg slobode 1, 24000 Subotica, Srbija
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Adresa: Trg slobode 1, 24000 Subotica, Srbija
Email: info@visitsubotica.rs
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About Palić


According to a legend that the locals will gladly tell you about, Palić is a lake formed by shepherd Paul tears, who lost his flock there and because of that water in the lake is salty.

According to another story, legends say that the lake is a remnant of the Pannonian Sea, that existed in this region in ancient times. In any case, if you want to spend your vacation in Serbia in nature like in a fairy tale where you can swim, walk in nature, but also enjoy a good time and fun, Palić Lake is the right place for you!

It is a lake that has been one of the most visited locations in Serbia for many years, primarily because of its landscaping, beauty and various opportunities for rest and recreation. Palić Lake is located in Vojvodina, 8 kilometers away from Subotica, one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia, so all visitors that visit the lake can easily spend their time in this city as well. It is the largest natural lake in Serbia.

The lake, almost 5km in diameter and with a maximum depth of 3.5 meters, has three beaches, warm water and a pleasant atmosphere. The shore of the lake is 17 kilometers long and is arranged along its entire length. Because of this, walking tours are also attractive, as well as fishing, bird watching, and nature park tours around the lake itself.

When it comes to newly built hotels, restaurants, smaller villas and different accommodation capacities, Palić Lake becomes a place you should not miss, however old you are and whatever your interests are! In the summer months, the European Film Festival is held in Palić when this place becomes a meeting place for many, above all, regional filmmakers, actors and critics.

Fans of "seventh art" can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere here by watching the latest film creations, and one of the main specifics of the festival is the fact that it is one of the few manifestations of this type with 100% European content. In the immediate vicinity of the lake is an attractive zoo where most animals are not housed in cages but are free to walk around fenced parts of the park, which makes this place very interesting, especially for the youngest, but also for all animal lovers.

Even if you don't go to the zoo, the wildlife around the lake will enchant you and leave you breathless. The environment is a protected nature park in Serbia, and visitors can see many species, many of which are rare in the world. There is also a rare orchid species - the swamp orchid.